Bye Bye Viruses – Hello Linux

Why Virus Free Linux Hey guys, welcome back to PC 911. Today we have here a Samsung laptop. This thing is sweet running an I7. And this is one of our clients that we have been talking about our virus proof operating system. He got sick and tired of all the pop ups, malware [...]

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1,000 malware items on Windows

Diagnosing the problem Hey everybody, welcome back to PC 911. I want to show you what we are working on here today. This is an HP all-in-one computer, it’s a business computer and it was slow and having issues. So you would think that a business computer you wouldn’t have it junked up like [...]

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Linux installation

Discussing Linux OS Hey everybody, welcome back to PC 911 computer repair. Today I want to talk to you about Linux. Linux is an operating system like Windows, like the Mac operating system or the Apple operating system. It is one of the top three operating systems out on the market for computers. We [...]

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