Hey everybody, what’s up? Welcome to another tutorial over here at PC 911. What we are going to be doing with this bad boy that we have here today. If you look at it It is an i7, 16 GB of RAM and it has a 500 GB SSD. But they are going to go to this guy right here…1 TB SSD. This is like $600 so nice…that’s sweet to have one of these in there.

Now, the complicated part about this is normally we go from one internal hard drive to an external hard drive. Like if we had a regular SSD, that’s not the case. You either need a device to read this to clone their drive. To make a copy of their drive as opposed to start it here fresh. Now, the problem is how do we clone that internal drive to this one and this one doesn’t have anywhere to connect?

What we are going to have to do here is improvise. We are going to clone the onboard drive to this hard drive right here. Then once we have it on here we are going to have to put it over here. So that’s a little bit long process but virtually that is what we have to do. You’ve probably seen some other videos where we use Super Doper to do our cloning. There are other cloning software out there. But kind of like this one it is super slow.

So I am going to show you how we are going to do that. We have in here in our flash drive. it is a free software so just Google Super Duper. You can grab it online and it is super, super simple. Simple interface right there and it is going to tell you to copy from where to where. Make sure you choose the right drive. So we are copying from the Mc HD (250 GB SSD) this is the one that is on the computer. We are copying to Windows WD 500 GB which is the external drive.

Now, if you had an external SSD that would be best because it would be a lot faster. I don’t happen to have one here off hand. So we’re going to go the regular spinning drive route so it’s going to take a little while. As simple as that, here are some different functions. But to keep it simple we are just going to backup all files. Let me take one step before we do that go to disk utility and what we want to do is we want to make sure that this hard drive is in good condition. Fixed and all that before we do the clone and before halfway through the clone then we have a problem. So for that, we going to go First Aid and just run this.

That should be quick because the SSD and again this is just precautionary. If there’s any issue going on with the drive let’s let the disk utility fix them and save ourselves a little bit of a potential headache down the road. So we are going to see, that should be quick. Now we will put it on pause but I don’t expect it to take more than a minute frankly. Alright, so that’s good. So do that first, a little precaution there.

So the hard drive is good and we are going to copy, its gives you a couple of warnings make sure. It makes drive bootable, clone is an exact copy it’s not like a backup, it’s not a time machine, it’s not a data transfer. It is going to copy the whole thing and make it bootable and we should be able to. What we are going to do after this is we are going to boot from the hard drive and clone the [04:37]. So we will catch up with you gets done we’ll let you know how long it takes, it should take a few hours. Catch you in a little while.

This is finished pretty quick, look at the time there 1 hour and it goes into if it runs into errors. You will see them there and then the last is make the hard drive bootable. What we are going to do now is we are going to put the new SSD in the unit. We are actually going to boot from this drive. Then are going to write to the drive inside the unit that should be much faster. Because the onboard write SSD should be super fast. See you in a minute.

Everybody we are back, so we are booting now from the external drive just to follow up. When you boot like this external number one off a spinning drive and two its running off of a USB 2.0 the performance here is not really quick but not really a big deal.

So very simple we are going back to grab the Mac format. This is where I have the Super Duper executable we are going to run that. And this is going to be a repeat of what we just did the only thing we are grabbing from the WD 500 GB and we are going to the SSD drive TB. Backup all files, copy now, the last one took about an hour and change. Let us see if this one does it a faster customer is in a hurry. So let’s see if this SSD is really what they are all cut out to be. Here we go, its copying and you know how it goes, see you in a bit.

Hey guys, what’s up? We are still back here in the Super Duper we had a monkey ranch in this program but it’s going to be good because I am going to show you something else. We wind up moving this computer over and disconnecting the hard drive and basically our clone stopped. Normally when that happens to you to got to start all over. If you got the free version you got to start all over. If you purchased the software then it allows you to pick up where you left off so if you want to save some time. We’ve have had TB drives that I wind up purchasing because I have had TB drive that took over 10 hrs, I wasn’t about to wait the 10 hours.

I got a registered version over here. Frankly, if you’re a tech out there some of these things cost $30/$40. Get some support from other people out there, you know making all these tools for you. So that’s what we are going to do here. We got our installed version here and we are going to go WD 500 back to our SSD.  Let’s see if I remember the settings for this. Let’s take a look…smart update pickup where we left off I think it was more than half way done or at least half way done. About 100 GB so it is just going to pick up from there and save yourself some time, so that is what we have there backup all files. It should pick up where we left off.

What actually happened with the password I changed the setup on the here. I am actually booting from the external drive which is where I had the Super Duper registered copy on. So the password on that OS is different, see the background here running Mavericks on this one. It is probably going to run a little faster as well.Because it is just copying two drives that actually not in operation. While copying a drive while it’s the booting drive it should be a little better like this. Here it goes, I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Hey guys, so here we are. This took an hour so it was a little faster however not that much faster. I thought that this SSD was going to cut the time in half. So that’s what we got, it’s not that complicated pretty soon and that’s it we are going to reboot it and it should boot from the SSD and things should be flying.

So here we go, we have restarted it and that was quick so let’s take a look. That’s it right there. We’ll go to disk utility real quick actually there is the hard drive right there. We are going to get the information. Our SSD probably changed the name on that so little weird and this has a bunch of stuff in the startup. So all those things are going to pop up quicker than before. Let’s get our information on that drive, there it is right there…it’s good to go. Check out my video on how to upgrade an iMac hard drive. Thanks for watching.

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