Keyboard replacement & repair

Hey everybody, today I want to talk to you about keyboard replacement and keyboard repair. Sometimes you might have a little key that came off and you are trying to glue it back and you just can’t get it back on. That’s because there is these little tabs that broke off. They are very small. You’re not seeing them so you are really not going to get it back on there. There is several options. Individual keys can be replaced. But typically depending on the unit, sometimes it’s just more feasible. Especially if you got more than one to just replace the full keyboard.

Now, cost varies with simple keyboard. Let’s say $300-$400 HP laptop something like that would run anywhere between $15-$75 in that range. It’s fairly simple replacement but something like a Mac book Pro where the keyboard is underneath the main body the full computer has to be taken apart. The motherboard everything, hard drive, RAM, this is a major job to get that keyboard out and to put it back in there’s a lot…40 screws holding it. So it’s tedious and we can do it whether it’s a simple HP keyboard or it’s that Mac bring it in to PC 911 computer repair of Miami.

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